As we head in to 2020 with our right foot forward we reflect on the year we have had and thank our clients and community for their support through 2019. With every New Year comes new resolutions, we have set out some new goals that can enable you to help your community and that are a little different than your typical ‘get fit’, ‘eat healthy’.

1)  Seniors who Socialise

Getting out of the house can do a persons mental and physical health wonders. St Claire’s host a weekly community session with lunch ever Monday for the elderly in the local Bray community. You could also offer to take them to the local library or to their church on a Sunday. Make it your first resolution to support an elder and help them to get involved.  Set goals that will keep their social involvement going.

2) Staying Connected

For the elderly who find it difficult to get out of the house, staying in touch online can be a great way for elders to stay interactive. Set them up an email account or facebook page and show them how to browse the internet. Write their login details down and save them to the browser to make life a little easier.

3) Sharing a Good Laugh

Take time to have a cup a tea with your neighbour. Days can be long when you above no visitors and a good laugh over a cup of tea with a biscuit would cheer anybody up.